Houghton Lake, Michigan
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Ordered a "rebuilt" carb from Chuck Rosa at carburetors and more. It arrived damaged and was apparently rebuilt albeit with a some parts that should have been replaced.

Rounded off bolts and screws etc. His website claims that he powdercoats and anodizes his parts during his rebuild which is totally untrue. The float bowls as well as the main body were spraypainted and the paint could be scratched off with a fingernail. No joke.

I would have dealt with all this because it was cosmetic really, but the kicker is that the carb arrived damaged due to very poor packaging. The primary vent tube was completly smashed and the choke plate was immovable. When I contacted Chuck to explain the damage and also sent photos of the carb as well as the box, he told me to fix it myself with a pair of PLIERS, and dykes. Yep..

Just the way Holley designed it. When I asked him if I could ship it back to him so he could do this supposed "repair", his response was essentially: " The avaerage buyer doesnt even notice this kind of thing on our carbs and if you are this picky, send the carb back for a refund." At my expense of course. I originally chose his service over a factory Holley remanufactured carb mainly because I strongly believe in supporting small businesses. It was basically the same price as a factory reman carb and I ultimatly bought one from Holley.

Same price as Chucks spraypainted garabage. Never again.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

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looks like aluminum paint to me.

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